How Artists Take Part In Fundraising Initiatives

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As an artist, you can contribute to fundraising for any social cause. Usually, artists give discounts on their artworks. But this provides a negative meaning to many people. They consider your art to be less valuable, and in the long run, this will affect your image as an artist. Here are some ideas for raising funds without the need to sell your art at a low price.

Be a featured artist at an event

You can try to get an offer to be a featured artist at an event. In that event, you can live paint humans or different objects.

That way, the audience will enjoy watching you create wonderful artwork. You can then put up your work for auction. It will be a great experience for you and the audience.

Sell the art at full price

You can request a collector to buy the artwork at the full price and then donate it to the auction so that he or she receives a tax write-off. The non-profit organization that is arranging the fundraising event can then sell the art at an auction and keep the money as a donation.

Arrange an afternoon tea discussion

You can invite people, who are enthusiastic about art, to your studio and discuss art-related things. You can show them how you create your masterpieces, the latest art trends, the greatest works of famous artists, and more. You can discuss these while having tea, coffee, or drinks. Charge an entry fee to take part in such afternoon discussions.

Offer private viewing of your art

You can invite people for a private showing of your artworks before an exhibition. That way, the art collectors and enthusiasts will get the opportunity to buy before others set an eye on your work.

Offer an art class

This is very exciting for art lovers. You can offer an introductory art class to the local people. They will learn about sketching, painting, and other things related to art.

These fundraising activities can raise a lot of money. You can contribute a lot to the social cause and help people who are facing challenges in life.