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This magazine is about artists, photography, street market, live music, and fundraising. If you have knowledge about these topics or if you are an artist, a photographer or a singer then you can write for this magazine.

We are looking for some great writers to boost our rating and get more people to subscribe. Writing for us will allow you to explore the world of artists, photographers, musicians, and others. You will not only gain a lot of knowledge about these topics by researching but also will be able to express your thoughts.

You can take this writing opportunity as your second job. The job hours are flexible, and you can work at your own pace and from a remote location. You can grow your profile as a writer in this niche and get better writing jobs in the future.

You should follow some guidelines if you are interested in writing for us. The articles must not be more than 600 words long. They should be well organized and have interesting headings. The articles must be plagiarism-free and original. You should research the topics before writing the articles.

Before submitting the articles, you should review them for spelling and grammatical errors. You should run the articles through Grammarly and Copyscape before submission. For any grammatical mistakes or other issues, we will send the articles back to you, and you will have to edit them. If there are things that we would like you to include in your article, then you must do so accordingly.

Once your articles are approved, they will be published in our magazine within two weeks. We will promote your articles on our social media sites. You will get more audiences redirected to your site. You can contact our team for any further information. They will help you with all your queries regarding this writing position. We hope to hear from you soon.