This magazine is about visual art, photography, live music, workshops, street markets, sponsors, and fundraisers. If you want to know about these topics, you will find a lot of information here. If you are an artist, then you will get a lot of inspiration from the articles published here.

Visual art has a lot of applications today in different industries. It is used in advertisement, education, technology, and other sectors. Artists today have a lot of job options. They can also have their private exhibition to promote and sell their work. They can take part in fundraising activities to help society.

In the past, many artists have influenced people with their good works. As an artist of this generation, you also have some duties towards society, and you can bring in some change as well. In this magazine, you will learn how to contribute to the world as an artist. You will find articles on photography too.

Today photography is widely used for different purposes. It’s used extensively for advertisements. Wedding and event photography has become popular. People now hire professional photographers for these events, which wasn’t the case before. You will learn about different forms of photography and techniques too.

You will get information about the latest cameras and other photographic equipment. People love to hear live music, and here you will know how artists perform live music. To perform on stage, a lot of equipment and resources are required.

Here you will know how the artists prepare for live music, the impact live music can have on people’s minds, and more. The street market is another topic that is covered in this magazine. It is fun to shop in street markets because you can buy things at a cheap rate.

You will know how to put up a stall in a street market and the obstacles you might face. If you want to know more about this magazine you can contact us by email.